Mazey is the fast and easy way for groups and teams to communicate, coordinate events and share stuff. With the Mazey mobile app, your group chats are organized into channels, and important information is saved in shared notebooks. Keeping your group organized and up-to-date!

Separate trash talk from trade talk.

Mazey helps your league stay connected and focused on the game.

Mazey group messaging app features chat channels that make it easy to separate trash talk from the serious trade talk.
Dynasty Nerds love Mazey for chatting with leaguemates about fantasy football
Now is the time to be communicating with your friends … the best way to do that is Mazey … It is a great way to communicate for dynasty leagues … just a great way to communicate all around.
— Rich Dotson

Everything has a place.

With Mazey, information doesn’t get lost. 

League rules and other documents are easily stored and discussed in notebooks. While conversations can be broken in chat channels about everything from trades to how bad your friend's team is doing.

Mazey organizes group chats into channels, features a shared event calendar, shared notebooks for storing documents, as well as private direct messaging.
Use Mazey to coordinate any group or team. Mute channels and notebooks you don't want to follow. Get notifications about important things.

Keep everyone in the loop.

Being the league commissioner can be a lot of work.

Mazey makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page and to manage the flow of information.  Our admin control give commissioners the tools they need to make the league run smoothly.

RotoUnderworld fantasy football podcast uses Mazey to communicate with their listener leagues
Make the switch now to Mazey … we use it … great app, the layout is awesome, you get the communication with the guys in your league and you can take to the side and do deals on the sly privately.

I love the control that Mazey allows and It is also super easy to invite people...
— Matt Kelley
Dynasty trade calculator podcast authors are very excited about Mazey's group chat features
It is nice for guys like me because I am actually running the league as the commissioner. I would jump in and look at the important information, things that need to be voted on, things that people are having problems with with the draft. It was really nice and I could skip the trade talk and the trash talk … I could chose …
— John-Paul Hurley

Stay in touch with your league.

Mazey works across all your devices.  From the office to playground you will be connected to your league.

Mazey works across iOS and Android platforms and web browser*.


*Coming very soon

Mazey works great across iOS and Android devices so everyone in your league can stay in the loop.
Mazey fantasy football 4 star review for league communications.
Great app for organizing groups. Developers really care about user experience...
— chris cimo
Mazey review of fantasy football app for league chat
Use the app for my fantasy football team and my league has loved it ... Never seen a second team so in touch with their users.
— QT_Tony
Mazey 5 Star Review  for football league communications app
...perfect for organizing league discussions based on topics (trades, news, league changes, etc), makes the commish’s job so much easier.
— E&LMarshall
Mazey review for league communications for football
Great app to keep the group thread going, especially when you don’t know people or want to give out your phone number!
— @Roberts0401
Mazey review for communications app for dynasty football league
Ok people here’s the deal are you in a fantasy league and struggling to find an easy way to communicate ... Use this app! You won’t be disappointed.
— RFogarty
Mazey review for football league and group communications app
I use this app to run my fantasy football league and our group loves it. ... Keep up the good work Mazey.
— Epic_Poison


Chat channels on Mazey keep the conversation organized

Chat Channels

The best place to quickly chat about a topic and keep everyone in the loop.  Separate conversations by topics like Trade, Trash Talk, etc…

Shared notebooks on Mazey are a great way to store important files, photos and other attachments


Make sure you don’t lose important information.  Notebooks are great for storing and discussing league rules.

Direct Messages allow Mazey users to communicate privately

Direct Messages

You don’t need to always share your ideas with the entire league.  For a sneaky trade contact individuals directly.

A shared group calendar keeps everyone int he group on the same page about events

Group Calendar

Keep your groups in synch about your most important events, with a shared calendar.

Access and permissions controls let league commissioners fine tune who can post where

Access Controls

Not everyone can be in charge.  We give commissioners the ability to control who can do what. 

Mazey lets you mute notifications in particular channels or notebooks

Flexible Notifications

Not everyone wants to be notified about the same things.  Flexible notifications put you in charge of what makes your phone buzz.


Get your league together, today.