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How people are using Mazey.

Almost everyday a new group starts using Mazey for a different purpose. Here are a few examples.

Employee Communications (during hurricane Irma)

It’s a great tool for disaster recovery and having to reach out to a large group that may not have email. — Chris B.

Kids Sports Teams

Keeps all of the moving parts of my life and my kids activities in one succinct place — a game changer. 
— Brooke F.

Employee Communication (national grocery store chain)

We love the user friendly app … don’t need to be computer or app savvy person … or a millennial to use it.

I love that Mazey is easy to connect with all age groups and it is like hooked on phonics for all generations.
— Aly K.

Family Communications

Mazey has made keeping up with my large family easy without blowing up my phone. We can easily share photos and coordiante family get to gethers
— Carol R.

School / Classroom Communications

I need the communications with parents, teachers and older kids for class events and outings. Also like the notebook feature to share things that you can reference back to as needed.
— Group Owner
No better way for classroom parents to coordinate. 
— koalabrrr

In addition, here are a few more examples of how others are using Mazey:

  • High School Tennis Team
  • Girl / Boy Scout Troops
  • Fantasy Football / Basketball / Hockey Leagues
  • Running / Hiking / Biking Clubs
  • Neighborhood Association
  • Group Trip Planning
  • Wedding — Planning and Guest Communications
  • Book Clubs
  • Golf and Tennis Groups