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When is the field trip? Ask Mazey.

Parents and teachers can greatly benefit from communicating and sharing event information on the Mazey group messaging app. It helps everyone stay on time.

At the start of the school year, I was talked into being a room parent for my son’s kindergarten class. I had heard stories about problematic parents and endless emails at all hours of the night.

I know every class is different, but the parents have not been a problem. We have a great group of kids and parents whom I enjoying seeing at drop off almost every day. After hundreds of conversations with all types of parents — working, single, stay at home, moms, dads — the common issues we all struggle with are communications and logistics. In today’s parenting world, these issues can make or break you.

  • What day am I responsible for snack duty? Where is the snack calendar?
  • When and where is the field trip? What time does it leave? Return?
  • Whose birthday party is it this weekend? When? Where?
  • When is the school-wide meeting?
  • Where do I get re-enrollment forms and when are they due?
  • What did I sign up to bring to the school auction?
  • etc….

Neither our school nor classroom had a systematic communications process in place. Some things came over email. Others over text. We would receive emails from rooms parents, teachers, school administrators and other parents. For some events, we would receive a Google form, for others a SignUp Genius link. Some events came in email, others via Evite or Paperless Post. Basically it was a communications free-for-all.

Almost every parent wanted the same thing — a single repository where they could get the information they needed and contact teachers and other parents.

The school website was consistently out of date and missing important information. Emails would come from too many different people and were too easy to lose track of. In addition, they contained links to any number of applications that required passwords most parents had long forgotten.

In the corporate world these issues are being solved with knowledge management systems, intranets, and messaging applications; but schools need a simplier system. With that in mind we developed Mazey.


Mazey is a FREE communication platform that everyone in your school can join without having to share personal contact information.

Mazey replaces endless email chains and rambling group texts with chat channels that keep conversations organized. Keep important announcements and discussions separate from the more social conversations! For personal conversations, Mazey offers private direct messages.

With Mazey, it’s easy to share photos, files, forms and event invitations right in the chat. For ease of access, Mazey will consolidate your classroom’s pictures in a gallery, files in a folder, and events in calendar. Important things are easy to find without having to scroll back through long chat histories.

How do I get started?

  1. Download Mazey on the Apple or Google app stores.
  2. Sign up with your mobile phone number — no email address needed!
  3. Create a classroom group in seconds or join an existing group with an invite code.
  4. Invite parents any way you want — text, email, or write the group code on a wall.
  5. Start communicating and sharing right away.

Give Mazey a try and your fellow parents will thank you!

Get started with Mazey today.