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Introducing Mazey

Mazey is a group communication social productivity app that lets groups stay in touch, communicate with multi-channel chat, share important documents, organize events, end stay on the same page. Get Mazey today!

What is Mazey?

Mazey is a FREE social productivity smartphone app that lets groups connect, communicate, collaborate, and share without having to exchange personal contact information.

Mazey replaces rambling group texts with chat channels to organize your conversations. Group members can follow channels that are relevant to them and mute those that are not.

Share photos, files and post event invitations right in the chat. For ease of access, Mazey will consolidate pictures in group galleries, files in a group folders, and events in group calendars. This makes the important things easy to find without having to scroll back through long chat histories.

With Mazey, your group communications will no longer be mingled with your emails and texts. Mazey is a convenient, compartmentalized place to keep everyone in the loop.

How do I get started?

  1. Download Mazey on the Apple or Google app stores.

  2. Sign up with your mobile phone number — no email address needed!

  3. Create a group in seconds or join an existing group with an invite code.

  4. Invite friends any way you want — text, email, or write the group code on a wall.

  5. Start communicating and sharing right away.

Who is using Mazey?

Mazey is built to help just about any group organize and communicate. It has been embraced by mobile work teams, running clubs, PTAs, fantasy sports leagues, and so many others.

Give Mazey a try and your group will thank you!

Get started with Mazey today.