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Be responsive and honest

My wife and I have two great kids (6 & 3). We love them, but they can drive us crazy. There are two things that set us off faster than anything else:

  1. Not responding when we talk to them; and
  2. Not telling the truth.

Not responding — I bet most parents know what I am talking about. Imagine your kids are watching the latest epsode of Paw Patrol when you ask a question. No response. You ask again. Not response. Eventually you raise your voice and they look at you like they didn’t even know you were in the room. This is when I must take a few deep breaths. Woosah.

Mazey allows you to mute channels so you don't get bothered by notifications that you don't want to receive. This keeps you calmer. Woooooosaaaaaahhhhh!

Not telling the truth — no description required.

How does this apply to work?

While these issues drive me crazy as a parent, they also drive customers crazy when dealing with a company. Over the last few months a growing part of my role at Mazey is to deal with customer issues, questions and feedback.

Not having experience in customer service, my initial thought was to say whatever it took to make the customer happy — but I couldn’t, it wasn’t in my nature.

When an early customer emailed to say he couldn’t sign up for Mazey, all I could do was email him back as soon as I got the message (be responsive) and tell them that we didn’t know what the issue was, but we were looking into it (be honest).

Our customer was desperate to join his group, so I wanted to fix the issue ASAP. After our initial investigation, I had to tell him that the issue was not on our end and it wouldn’t be fixed until the upcoming Monday — two days away. I expected our new customer to be angry, but instead he was understand and patient. On Monday we fixed the issue and on Wednesday he left us a 5 star review.

Fantasy Football ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by @Roberts0401 — Apr 26, 2017
Great app to keep a group thread going, especially when you don’t know people or want to give our your phone number! The people behind the app are awesome too, they helped me out when I was having trouble, which was much appreciated. Great work on the app guys!

Our app didn’t work perfectly for this customer, he couldn’t get started right away, and he missed out on conversations with his group; but we were responsive and honest.

This is the how we plan to treat all our customers as we continue to grow Mazey.