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Don’t ride alone. Let Mazey help.

This guys who wiped out on a mountain bike was riding alone and clearly not using the Mazey app for group chat, communication and coordination.

In 2015 there were 44,000 bicycle injuries and 818 people lost their lives in bicycle/motor vehicle crashes. Riding alone my sounds like a good idea, but when you are in an accident having a friend available to call for help could be lifesaving.

The challenge for many, myself included, is finding a riding partner when your schedule permits. There is a great local group that rides on Saturday mornings at 8AM. I would love to join them but their ride conflicts with my son’s soccer. How can I find a someone whose schedule aligns with mine.

Many riding groups have message boards or Facebooks groups, but these messages get lost or overlooked. In addition, I don’t want to spam a large group with a request for a quick ride on random afternoon. With Mazey, there is a better solution.

Cycling groups can quickly set up a Mazey group. Members join via a digital invitation or invite code — no need to share personal contact information. The group administrator sets up different channels for any number of topics — Group Rides, Bike Maintenance, General Discussion. Members then schedule rides, post information, and share photos /files without spamming fellow riders. Every rider selects which channels they want to be notified about. If you are only interested in group rides, you don’t receive notifications from the other channels.

Give Mazey a try and help other cyclists get home safe and sound.