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Mazey App Update - Version 3.6.0

Mazey is very excited about our latest app update (v3.6.0), now available on the Apple and Google Play App stores. This release includes two key changes: the addition of @ mentions and a notebooks redesign.

1. @ Mentions

You can now call out and notify individual group members in a chat by adding their name via @ mentions.  To do this just type "@"  or  tap the "@" icon (image below), and select the member's name name.


In addition, you can now choose to receive notifications only when you are mentioned by name. To do this, tap the notification icon on the top bar of the chat screen and select "When I'm mentioned" from the action screen.

File Dec 08, 9 27 20 AM.jpeg

2. Notebooks Redesign

Our goal with notebooks has been to provide a space for you and your group to collect, share and organize information.  To make this easier, we have made notebooks more visual and added Stacks.  As the name implies, Stacks are a grouping of notes. Within a single notebook, users can now have notes and stacks (of notes).


Within each stack you can add a photo, file or text note. Items within the stack can be organized by dragging them up and down (just tap, hold, and drag).


We hope you enjoy these updates. Please contact us at feedback@mazey.co if you have questions.